New Baja Port in Jeopardy

MP News Staff 

There was some good news today for all of the people who love the wild and desolate aura that is Baja California (not including Los Cabos). There has been a huge undertaking of a plan to build a mega-port in Punta Colonet, about 130 miles south of Tijuana on the Pacific Coast. Colonet is presently a quaint village centered around fishing, visited by the occasional tourist driving the transpeninsular highway that connects the northern border to land’s end at Cabo San Lucas. It is a beautiful, entirely unique drive over a land that has for the most part not been tamed.

Now it has been announced that the Panama Canal will be expanded to accommodate more and larger ships, which could make the Colonet plan obsolete before it gets started. Baja is well-suited to being an environmental example of how preserving the land in a natural state can work to the benefit of the people who live there. Building a megaport with all of the attendant facilties and transporation needs would forever alter what is a one-of-a-kind jewel. Click here for the full story