New Border Crossing Rules

David Simmonds

Eight years after 9/11/2001, the final phase of the government’s efforts to control who crosses the border (the regular border crossings, not the well-traveled desert part) will take effect June 1. That ought to solve the “immigration problem” that both presidential candidates ignored like a banker ignores decency rules, in the last election. “Show me your papers” has resurfaced in the U.S. of A. Anyone got a band-aid handy?

So if you are arriving into the U.S. from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or the Caribbean, you’ll need to have a passport or the new passport card, which costs less money than a regular passport. There are some exceptions, such as if you are a cruise ship passenger that sails round-trip from a U.S. port, a birth certificate or government-issued ID will suffice. Or if you are 16 or under then proof of citizenship will allow you to enter, presuming you’re not strapped with dynamite. For more info try this site

It’s good to know we’re a safer country these days, but I’d like to know when we will be protected from the banksters. Especially the ones that transferred $1.5 trillion into their personal off-shore accounts the past few years.