New Low Cost Airline Courtesy of Mexicana

By MP Mexico News Staff

Grupo Mexicana announced the unveiling of Mexicana Inter, its new low cost airline—bolstered by a $7 million investment—. During a press conference, Manual Borja, general director of Mexicana, explained that the new venture will create 500 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs, while transporting some 850,000 passengers per year.

According to Borja, the new company will boast a fleet of brand new 13 Bombardier series CRJ200 planes with a capacity of 50 passengers each. This will represent a spike in their national market share of 3 percentage points.

Among the new routes: Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, Tampico, Veracruz, Torreón, Monterrey and Mazatlán, which will serve mainly business passengers. Many of the new operating personnel will include pilots and flight attendants who were laid off from Aerolínease Mesoamericanas, which declared bankruptcy last year.

The new airline will post prices 15% lower than the competition.