No Joke, Oaxaca Flickrmeet

by Ron Mader

oaxaca trees (árboles de oaxaca)

Want to learn about community-based tourism in the woods?
Want to learn how to improve your photography?
Want to learn how to use Flickr as a way of uploading photos?
Want to identify trees in Oaxaca?

If so, please join us in person or online via the Oaxaca Flickrmeet

WHAT’S A FLICKRMEET? Glad you asked! This is a gathering of photographers who
use Flickr. Our event will focus on Oaxaca trees. Other events are different.


Tuesday, April 1 — Find the ahuehuete tree at old train station featured in the
Curtiduria map by Francisco Verástegui. (Map available at Amate Books, Macedonio
Alcalá #307). Meeting point: old train station, 11am.

Wednesday, April 2 – Ahuehuete tree count continues in Santa Maria del Tule
(includes visits to Ayuuk and Caldo de Piedra). Meeting point: Ayuuk, 11am.

Thursday, April 3 – Photo Safari in the Llano Park. Competition includes finding
trees native to Australia and the trees planted by Morelos y Pavon. Meeting
point: monument to Benito Juarez, 4pm

Friday, April 4 – Look for Tito and Lucia. Tito makes the pine needle baskets at
the Pochote Market and Lucia makes the delicious chocolates across the street at
the Antiguo Seminario. The crafts and food are made from trees and the markets
both feature notable trees featured in the Curtiduria map. Meeting point:
Pochote Market/Multio Bio Market, 11am.

Saturday, April 5 – Slideshow of Oaxaca tree photos and a give-away of books
(made mostly from dead trees). Meeting point: Comala, Allende #109, 6pm

VIVA MICROPHILANTRHOPY – Do you have deep pockets and long arms? We are seeking modest financial donations to help with incidental expenses of the Oaxaca Flickrmeet. Donors are recognized and if we raise enough $ this week, we’ll make a series of tree postcards and a DVD in time for the Guelaguetza. Questions? Just ask.


Hey there Buzz Directors! We have free Flickrmeet artwork available online

WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OAXACA? – Check out the award-winning Planeta Guide to Oaxaca.

BIG PICTURE – You can’t see the forest without seeing the trees. April is Forest