North American Specialists Recognize Advances and Opportunities in Mexico Tourism

Specialists in North American tourist travel concur that Mexico has made a significant advancement to lure in more tourists and emphasize the opportunities that the country has in the cultural, medical, electronic market, and retirement segments.

Secretary of Tourism heads “North American Market Trends” forum during the 33rd Tianguis Turistico and points out that Mexico should take advantage of the opportunities it offers its main target.

Acapulco, Mexico, April 17, 2008 — The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Rodolfo Elizondo Torres, headed during the 33rd Tianguis Turistico, the “North American Market Trends” discussion forum, in which six specialists emphasized the efforts of the government and of the national tourism industry to boost this market and also, the great opportunities that the country offers to be more competitive in diverse segments.

The forum was led by the head of Sectur, Elizondo, and was accompanied by Sarita Skidmore, President of MENLO Consulting and expert in Travel Style studies; Peter Yesawich, President and General Director of Yesawich, Pepperdine & Brown and specialist in advertising and tourism trends; Viviana Rojas, academic in the University of Texas and investigator in retirement tourism, “baby boomer” phenomenon, and second residencies in Mexico; Ray Snisky, President of Mark Travel Corporation; Michael Pusateri, Executive Strategy Consulter of Vantage Strategy and Deborah Sexton, President and General Director of Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

Elizondo Torres emphasized that Mexico has many opportunities that it should take advantage of, every time that the dynamics of tourist activity demand it.

“The tourism activity is very dynamic and every day there are new possibilities such as the business, medical, real estate, adventure and cultural tourism and Mexico has that in one way or another, so I see with great enthusiasm the opportunity that our country has to move forward, working in the United States and Canada markets,” he emphasized.

During the panel, Sarita Skidmore, president of MENLO rated the country’s performance with a nine, but said that Mexico must work to lure in tourists even with the recession in the United States.

Also Ray Snisky, President of Mark Travel Corporation, rated the country’s performance with a nine, nevertheless, he pointed out that although Mexico raises interest in North Americans, it is necessary to make the country more accessible. He reminded that this market has short periods of vacation time and although the flight distances are short, they are made longer due to difficulties with flight connections.

Regarding business tourism, Deborah Sexton highlighted that Mexico is the second preferred destination by North Americans and that it has huge opportunities to convert itself in number one. She pointed out that technology, quality of service, price, and precision are keys to these kinds of tourists.

Peter Yesawich emphasized that Mexico deserves a 10 in regards to the travel experience and eight in promotional matter.

Regarding the average qualification of the North American travel experts, Elizondo Torres emphasized that it reflects the job of, not only the government, but of all those involved in the national tourism industry, as well as the opportunities that are ahead.

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