Oaxaca Hosts 2008 Rural Tourism Fair

Fair #8

by Ron Mader

OAXACA CITY, MEXICO – Instituto Amigos del Sol and Planeta.com announce the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair will be held January 21-30. A small festival among friends, the 2008 Rural Tourism Fair will be the eighth annual tourism fair created by Planeta.com and friends.

The schedule will be developed using the methodology of Open Space Technology and shared on the Oaxaca Wikispace. In town look for information at Amigos del Sol, Pino Suárez #802.

There will be guided and self-guided tours focusing on artesania, biking, coffee, energy, food, markets and Oaxaca’s historic and notable trees. If you cannot join us in person, share photos of rural tourism where you live in the popular Rural Tourism Flickr group.


The fair highlights rural travel and ecotourism and brings together inspired travelers, local travel providers, community leaders, indigenous artisans, media, academics and students.

The annual event provides opportunities for dialogue among travelers and locals about ways to explore the rural countryside in a responsible manner. There is no cost to attend and no cost to share information. We ask local tour guides and artisans to complete a registration form and to provide at least 50 flyers or business cards to be distributed on January 26.

NEW IN 2008

In 2008 the fair changes from a one-day event at Amigos del Sol to a nine-day event held at various locations in and around Oaxaca City. Our motto: think smart, travel slow! There will also an international component featuring responsible travel and ecotourism in Australia and New Zealand.

The outcome remains the same — good networking opportunities and information sharing, great food and updated content on Planeta.com.

WEB 1, 2, 3

The complete agenda will be edited on the Oaxaca Wikispace. Also, in tandem with Planeta.com’s showcase of practical applications of Web 2.0 technologies, the fair has its own Facebook page. Flickrmeets and photo safaris will also be arranged.

Visitors with web skills (Google Earth, Flickr, YouTube, Wiki) are encouraged to share their knowledge with locals at workshops that will be convened at cybercafes in Oaxaca City and Teotitlán del Valle during the event.

YOUR TURN – If you cannot join us in person, share photos of rural tourism where you live in our popular Flickr group