Oaxaca Hosts Fiesta del Maíz 2008

by Ron Mader

Teotitlán del Valle hosts its third annual Fiesta del Maíz (Corn Party) December 12-13. Celebrating more than 7,000 years of culture and history in Oaxaca’s Central Valleys, the event pays tribute to the mainstay of agricultural sustainability in Mesoamerica – corn. It’s a grassroots campaign that is educational, not to mention delicious fun.

Event organizer Zeferino Mendoza says the two-day party includes something for everyone — lectures, parades, tastings and a market showcasing various corn products.

The Fiesta began in 2006 as an innovative event to engage visitors and locals during a time of social unrest and uncertainty. The turn-out grows each year.

A copy of the 2008 poster is available via free download

3er Fiesta del Maiz (Third Corn Fiesta, 2008)