Oaxaca on My Mind

By Lola

Last week a colleague posted a bit of a blog on a city that grabbed headlines the past year for all the wrong reasons. As he mentioned, Oaxaca City—pronounced Wa-ha-ka for those unfamiliar with the nuances of this tongue-twister—was caught up in the midst of a conflict that still stirs up the dust of grief to this day. However, in one line he neatly sums up just what we can do to help: “The best that we gringos can do is to go there and spend a little money.”

So in the name of all that’s amazing, intriguing, enduring, cultural, fascinating and unforgettable about Oaxaca, LET’S ALL GO DOWN THERE AND DO OUR DUTY. Oh, and have some major fun while we’re at it…

The best time of year to go is in July for the colorful Festival of the Guelaguetza. Cancelled last year during the “troubles”, this year it promises to showcase the commitment of sharing and the practice of contributing for the good of the entire community. They need you to be there as much as you need to experience this magical occasion of song, dance, food and togetherness. And Mexico Boutique Hotels, a group that brings the world the best of Mexico’s most unique accommodations, wants to make your contribution to Oaxaca even sweeter when you to stay at any of their participating members for three nights or more during the month of July with the knowledge that a percentage of your entire stay will be donated to a local Oaxacan children’s charity (www.teleton.org.mx).

And while a visit to the actual city is really a must, at MBH they also know that there may be other destinations in Mexico that might be closer to your heart or even just closer to your airport. Keeping this in mind, they’ve made it so you can still do your part by letting you choose from a stay any of the following unforgettable hotels located in a few of the country’s finest destinations: Condesa DF and Habita in Mexico City; Doña Urraca in Querétaro; Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta; La Casa de las Rosas in Morelia; Quinta Las Acacias in Guanajuato; Villa Ganz in Guadalajara; and, of course, Casa Cid de León and Hacienda los Laureles in Oaxaca. For details, loads of pictures, and reservations visit www.mexicoboutiquehotels.com.

I’ll show you my pictures if you’ll show me yours.

2 thoughts on “Oaxaca on My Mind”

  1. Two comments: Actually, last year only the Guelaguetza in the auditorio was cancelled. The rural festivals in Zaachila and Etla were held without incident.

    The best time of the year to travel to Oaxaca is anytime! Other great festivals include Radish Night, Easter and Muertos.

  2. My dear Ron, as usual, YOU ARE SO RIGHT! So many festivals, so little time. Even on a “slow week” there’s still plenty to do – anyone who’s taken a day to cruise the mercado can attest to that. And as for the galleries – oh la la!! Keep in mind that many of them do have shipping service to the states, so don’t hold back on that gorgeous hand-carved trunk just because it won’t fit in the overhead compartment.

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