Oaxaca Uprising Documentary

MP News Staff

Documentary film maker, Jill Freidberg, along with Corrugated Films, has produced an emcompassing, important film depicting the 2006 protests in Oaxaca that may have been the catalyst for change that many Mexicans have long sought. A Little Bit Of So Much Truth (Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad) focuses in detail on a year in Oaxaca when the city came to a standstill and how the press played a major role in how the uprising was reported when a coalition of teachers, students, and the disenfranchised coalesced in protest aimed at the Governor of Oaxaca state. To purchase the film or find out when you can see it in your area click on here http://www.corrugate.org/un_poquito_de_tanta_verdad/un_poquito_de_tanta_verdad