Oil Pipeline Monkeywrenchers

David Simmonds 

A apparently angry group dating to the 1990’s, who call themselves the People’s Revolutionary Army (EPR), have attacked the state-owned oil industry cash cow that accounts for 40% of the Mexican federal income. Four explosions have been reported on a pipeline carrying natural gas from Mexico City to Guadalajara, disrupting business at some of the country’s major industries, resulting in millions of dollars in loss revenue. The EPR has issued a statement promising a prolonged people’s war aimed at the “anti-people government”. They have further demanded the release of several of their jailed brethren, who they have described as “political prisoners”. If their demands are not met, they vow to continue the attacks.

 There is a wide economic divide in Mexico between those who are able to live well and the majority who are not. Enacting government policy that will begin to address this inequity is arguably the largest challenge facing President Calderon, even more so than combating the two major drug cartels, who basically fight one another over turf dominance. Social justice was a major issue in the 2006 presidential election that Calderon barely won over populist favorite Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the PRD candidate.

To read more about the pipeline explosions jump here: http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSN1222862120070712