Paying With Pesos

By David Simmonds

 There are several good reasons to carry and use Mexican pesos when you travel, not the least being that you won’t appear to be a rookie doofus, despite your bubble-gum shade sunburn. If you insist on paying with U.S. currency, and the merchant agrees to let you, you’ll pay more for the privilege. Most places in Mexico (businesses at the border towns being the exception) will only take pesos. So exchange your money and get familiar with what a peso will buy you so that you can do a little mental math after slamming a few tequilas at the cantina. As of today, the peso exchange rate is 10.99 per dollar…call it 11. That makes a peso worth about 9 cents US. and 100 pesos is $9.00 US. If you really don’t want to think about it and very rough numbers are good enough, just think as 200 pesos as being just under $20.00 ($18.00). That’s should be very close to the bar tab for 10 beers if you have found the right place to imbibe.

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