Pepe From Cabo Pulmo

by David Simmonds 

It’s always good to hear Mexico news from old friends. Pepe Murrieta recently sent me the email below. I first got to know Pepe when a friend, Chris Hogan,  and  I had a non-profit organization called the Sea of Cortez International Preservation Foundation. At the time Pepe was “the guy” in Cabo Pulmo…it seems that everyone knew him and his love and care for the area that features the only coral reef in that part of Mexico (southern Baja). The non-profit raised some money and we drove a four-wheel drive, very used Suzuki Samurai 900 miles down the Baja peninsula to hand Pepe the keys.

So, if you have met Pepe, here is what he’s up to these days. And if not, and you are in the area on the East Cape of Baja, stop by and make a new friend. He knows as much about the Sea of Cortez as anyone I’ve ever known. And he’s just really a very fine guy.

From Pepe:

Hola to all my friends !!!!I would to thank you all for all the good times we had together in the past few years ! specially for those that met me when I started Pepe’s Dive Center in now Cabo Pulmo National Park !

How ever as some of you remember I was married and had two beautiful kids , Natalia & Nico which now they are 13 and 15 , I have to moved to Los Barriles because of their school , so I left Ricardo Jr and Dany in charge of Pepe’s Dive Center in Cabo Pulmo , and I have been working at for the last year and a half now , so I know this family for a number of years and I’m in charge of the activities we have a number of activities including Dive Tours to Cabo Pulmo , we are building a new Dive Boat for these tours and Im also organized Eco Tours to Sierra La Laguna National Park where we have water falls and hot springs , and we do day tours to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas , please check our web page and I hope we can have fun together again !!!You can contact me by :  CEL PHONE : 011521-6241682232EMAIL : pepesactivitiescenter@gmail.comNEXTEL : 62*298727*3US PHONE : (858)9643716 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PEPE’S DIVE CENTER AND THE MARINE PARK , PLEASE CHECK OUR WEB PAGE OR CALL ME MY CEL :011-521(6241682232), NEXTEL : 62*298727*3 US PHONE : (858)9643716  HAVE A GREAT DIVING DAY !!!!