Peso Pinchers Rejoice!

By Lola

Hey there, folks-who-are-looking-to-save-money (and, yes, that would certainly include una servidora!) I just read a pretty good article in USA Today about hanging in the Distrito Federal for less. The writer, Julie Watson from the Associated Press, makes several comments that I found a bit snide (i.e., “With just a few pesos — preferably hidden deep inside one’s clothing in case of mugging — …”) but overall it’s a pretty good snapshot of the many offerings of this big city.

By the way, she recommends getting around via Metro — not something I’ve done in many a year (last time I took it both my abuela’s butt AND my own got “manhandled”) but now there are the all-female cars in the front that make it safer. To a degree. I myself prefer the sitio or the radio taxis. Or a chauffeur, of course, querido

Anyway, after so much negative press, it’s really great to read something good about Mexico. Even if you still have to stuff your pesos down your bra. (Coleman: no comments!)

3 thoughts on “Peso Pinchers Rejoice!”

  1. 14 April 2009

    Hello; I would love to hear from somebody who as actually retired into Mexico. Somebody who has done the complete enchilada, so to speak! Lives there permanently and is learning the language, culture and has the occasional cerveza with their new neighbors too. Any down to earth help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, kind regards, Mars

  2. My wife and I retired in July of 2007 to Ajijic, a small artists town on Lake Chapala, about 30 miles south of Guadalajara. I guess we fit your profile. We live here permanently, we’re learning the language and we have a small circle of Mexican friends and a large one of fellow expats from Canada, the US, and Europe. What did you want to know?

  3. Jim

    I want to know everything, but at the moment the main issue I have to get around is the question crime rate.
    How real is it? does it affect all areas of the country – etc

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