Peso Pinchers Rejoice!

By Lola

Hey there, folks-who-are-looking-to-save-money (and, yes, that would certainly include una servidora!) I just read a pretty good article in USA Today about hanging in the Distrito Federal for less. The writer, Julie Watson from the Associated Press, makes several comments that I found a bit snide (i.e., “With just a few pesos — preferably hidden deep inside one’s clothing in case of mugging — …”) but overall it’s a pretty good snapshot of the many offerings of this big city.

By the way, she recommends getting around via Metro — not something I’ve done in many a year (last time I took it both my abuela’s butt AND my own got “manhandled”) but now there are the all-female cars in the front that make it safer. To a degree. I myself prefer the sitio or the radio taxis. Or a chauffeur, of course, querido

Anyway, after so much negative press, it’s really great to read something good about Mexico. Even if you still have to stuff your pesos down your bra. (Coleman: no comments!)