Plastic Surgery In Mexico: Oh, Yes! But Do Your Homework

by Lola

I recently read Mexico was the second major provider of plastic surgery in the world, that one out of every 10 surgeries takes place in the Republic. Hard on the heels of that revelation was the minor detail that Mexico also occupies second place on the list of plastic surgeries performed by non-qualified people. Yikes.

Here are a couple more eye-openers: the United States is number one in plastic surgeries (big shocker there), followed by Brazil, who also takes third in surgeries performed by fraudulent doctors. Santo Cielo.

According to the study conducted by the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, one of the most common procedures is the injection of liquid silicone. You know, the one that can potentially disfigure, cause long-term health issues and, oh yes, kill you. Even so, it’s still the most popular one on the market for those looking to augment their bustline, their glutes or their thighs (yes, this is Mexico, they love meaty thighs as opposed to the baseball bat thighs so popular in the Northern reaches.) The Association estimates some 15 thousand people have suffered seriously from botched jobs. This was the case of Alejandra Guzmán, a well-known Mexican pop star. She went in to get her butt bubbled and nearly ended up in a box.

These are very scary numbers, but I won’t go sermonizing on the perils of surgery, because I, for one, am all for a little nipping and tucking. What I’m completely against is going for the bargain basement medic, pulling a name from the web or from a flyer and expecting anything better than a butcher.

Just as you would do in the U.S., if you’re looking to get nipped or tucked in Mexico you HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Doctors there get certified, just like here. Ask for photographs, ask to speak to former patients, ask, ask, ask.

Take nothing for granted, or instead of returning “well rested” (and perhaps well-endowed) from a fabulous Mexican vacation, you just might find yourself having to lurk about in a basement—if you’re lucky.

13 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery In Mexico: Oh, Yes! But Do Your Homework”

  1. Lola– Alejandra Guzman’s injections were done by an esthetician and thanks to a certified plastic surgeon she is going to be fine. The first stop in research should be the Mexican Association for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, they have a directory of board-certified surgeons that can be searched by geographic area.
    And yes, I did go to Mexico for my surgery at a price I could afford but most importantly for high quality surgeons and specialized care. The best decision I ever made.

  2. I had my full face lift performed by Dr. Barrera in Aug. 08 and I could not be happier. He is a complete and total professional. He appeared on Anderson Cooper in 2006. I made all of my arrangements through a comprehensive website that will make all of your arrangements for you.

  3. Hi Lola,
    In Mexico they are excellent plastic surgeons, just see the TV novelas… I can tell you that not all the woman suffered from botched jobs!!! Quite contrary they are beautiful and they all had plastic surgery done!!!
    The last year I had my plastic surgery in South America; (in Bolivia) with MakeoverTravel that is a medical tourism agency that organized all my trip. This trip was a great experience, I am very happy with my results. My plastic surgeon was a brazilian (but living in Bolivia) and let me tell you that in Brazil they also have excellent plastic surgeons. Not for nothing Brazil is renowned to be the worldwide capital of plastic surgery.

    I highly recommend plastic surgery in latin America for people who can’t afford a plastic surgery in their country. My experience in Bolivia was incredible; the plastic surgeons who underwent my surgery are artists.

    Medical tourism is growing popular today with the affordable plastic surgery at an excellent quality. But for some people, the growing concern is the safety because of its very low prices. Plastic surgery itself involves risk, that is why patients want to make sure the procedure they’re going to have will be safe in other countries.

    Having a low cost plastic surgery in the US gives a notion that it is poor in quality. So some patients doubt of the quality of cheap plastic surgery abroad. However, patients must understand that plastic surgery abroad is cheap not because it is poor in quality but because of the favorable exchange rate.

  4. I agree Rachel! I’m glad you had a great experience. Most upper class Mexican women have had some sort of plastic surgery, and most look like a million bucks (and are probably worth more than that!) Some go a little bit overboard, but I see that all the time here in Scottsdale and we have some of the finest surgeons (and fattest bank accounts) in the nation. C’est la vie! Good taste is good taste and has nothing to do with money, no? Thanks for writing!

  5. I had my face lift in February of 2010 with Dr. Carlos Barrera! He is the ultimate professional! He is an incredibly skilled and artistic surgeon. I now look 10 years younger. He created a natural correction to my neck and face. I could not be happier and would recommend him without hesitation. Contact to make all of your arrangements. They took care of everything for me except the air travel. They were a constant source of comfort and knowledge. It’s a first class operation that does not disappoint!’ You won’t regret for one minute coming to Mexico and recuperating in luxurious style. I tell all of my friends about this very satisfying experience. I plan to return for my tune-up in 8-10 years.

  6. I had my procedures done in Guadalajara Mexico, I admit
    that I was terrified at first. After arriving and being greeted by the very same girl I had been arranging my trip with 2 months earlier. It was the best decision of my life and I am glad I chose that company to help me with the Arrangements. I don’t know if I Can mention my surgeons name on here or not but I will say that for any of your medical needs, call this company they were the best and very very nice..the company is called Quality Care Mexico. They Represent top surgeons in Mexico and are with you from day 1 until the day you depart from the country

  7. Hello, I just want to share my experience with plastic surgery in Mexico. Well doing all my research I came to find out that Guadalajara is The place for plastic or cosmetic surgery!! I went to Guadalajara and they had the best price and customer service! Best of all no scars! I went to a page but they work in conjunction with a great medical tourism company….check it out! Go with the best qualified and do your research!

  8. Hola My name is Carlos, We are a network of Board certified Surgeons, all bilingual and up to date in the latest techniques! For fast recovery time and less time under anesthesia is the best way to go. Ask your Surgeon how long it´s going to take. Don´t be fool by fancy offices at nice hospitals. Don´t give money up front, many Dr.s want a deposit and that´s how they make their money. Make sure is all explain step by step or just go with the professionals! Quality Care Mexico´s prices Tummy tuck for $3,300 usd.,all hospital,Dr.,anesthesiologist fees included! All health care needs at affordable prices in Mexico.

  9. Doing your research is vital. First check prices, make sure there are no hidden fees. Ask to talk to previous patients who had been to the clinic. Get an online consult before you make your decision. Its your body and your choice. Here are some useful links to do your get your search started



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