Plastic Surgery In Mexico: Oh, Yes! But Do Your Homework

by Lola

I recently read Mexico was the second major provider of plastic surgery in the world, that one out of every 10 surgeries takes place in the Republic. Hard on the heels of that revelation was the minor detail that Mexico also occupies second place on the list of plastic surgeries performed by non-qualified people. Yikes.

Here are a couple more eye-openers: the United States is number one in plastic surgeries (big shocker there), followed by Brazil, who also takes third in surgeries performed by fraudulent doctors. Santo Cielo.

According to the study conducted by the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, one of the most common procedures is the injection of liquid silicone. You know, the one that can potentially disfigure, cause long-term health issues and, oh yes, kill you. Even so, it’s still the most popular one on the market for those looking to augment their bustline, their glutes or their thighs (yes, this is Mexico, they love meaty thighs as opposed to the baseball bat thighs so popular in the Northern reaches.) The Association estimates some 15 thousand people have suffered seriously from botched jobs. This was the case of Alejandra Guzmán, a well-known Mexican pop star. She went in to get her butt bubbled and nearly ended up in a box.

These are very scary numbers, but I won’t go sermonizing on the perils of surgery, because I, for one, am all for a little nipping and tucking. What I’m completely against is going for the bargain basement medic, pulling a name from the web or from a flyer and expecting anything better than a butcher.

Just as you would do in the U.S., if you’re looking to get nipped or tucked in Mexico you HAVE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Doctors there get certified, just like here. Ask for photographs, ask to speak to former patients, ask, ask, ask.

Take nothing for granted, or instead of returning “well rested” (and perhaps well-endowed) from a fabulous Mexican vacation, you just might find yourself having to lurk about in a basement—if you’re lucky.