President Calderón Announces Creation of 32,000 Jobs during June-July Bimester

Calderon jobsMexico City. President Felipe Calderón declared that Mexico will overcome the international economic crisis through the unity and efforts of Mexicans as borne out by the creation of 32,000 new jobs registered in the Mexican Social Security Institute during the June-July bimester.

During the launching of the “My Firm” Portal, the Mexican president highlighted Federal Government’s timely action in the current conjuncture, which has made it possible to reduce the impact on Mexicans’ employment and income.

He reported that over $232 billion pesos have been invested during the first semester of the year, an 85% increase over 2008. He added that programs such as the one for Temporary Employment created 460,000 jobs while the Employment Preservation Program had prevented the dismissal of over 440,000 workers.

“I know that by combining efforts, we will manage to overcome the international economic crisis and construct the Mexico we want, which should be a strong, competitive Mexico, a truly successful country,” he said.

In the Treasury Hall at the National Palace, accompanied by Secretaries of the Economy, Gerardo Ruiz; Labor and Social Welfare, Javier Lozano and Finance and Public Credit, Agustín Carstens, President Calderón explained that the is a tool for setting up business more easily and quickly, since businessmen will be able to complete the process  in two days from start to finish.

Through this system, he said, the country will be able to achieve the highest international standards to facilitate a business environment. It will also reduce acts of a discretional nature, abuse and the possibility of acts of corruption, enabling thousands of businesses to become incorporated into the formal sector.

“This idea is one of government’s fundamental criteria. It will enable citizens to waste as little time as possible, by facilitating rather than hampering business activity,” he said.

The President said that Federal Government has implemented this system in order to help rather than hinder citizens’ initiative.