President Calderón Awards International Octavio Paz Prize

Octavio Paz

During the award ceremony for the Octavio Paz International Poetry and Essay Prize, President Felipe Calderón confirmed his total commitment to the free expression of ideas.

“The days when government’s opinion was the only one that counted are long gone. Nowadays all voices, particularly the voices of science, intellectuals and humanists are crucial for Mexico,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala, he said that today, more than ever, plurality is essential for consolidating a future of freedom, progress and well-being for all Mexicans. “The most valuable voice is that of plurality,” he said, adding that, “The greatest tribute we can pay Octavio Paz is to promote culture in plurality and freedom of thought, and expand freedom and democracy, which, as he said, are complementary.”

Winners of the 9th Poetry and Essay Prize were Ida Vitale and Ramón Xirau