President Calderón Calls on Productive Sectors to Make an Effort to Help Mexico Progress

President Felipe Calderón called on the business sector and all workers to make an effort to help Mexico progress and construct the bases of a stronger, more competitive economy.
During his inauguration of Estafeta’s Logistic Center in Mexico City, the President sad that Mexico is a great country and that now is the time for all sectors to assume the commitment of joint responsibility to the challenge we face.
Accompanied by Secretaries of the Economy, Gerardo Ruiz Mateos and Communications and Transport, Luis Téllez Kuenzler, President Calderón said:
“Now is a time of trial for us, which we will overcome and which will enable us to progress. Now is the time when we will have to work shoulder to shoulder to overcome this juncture and prove, once again, that Mexicans are capable of coping with and overcoming any adversity, that we are capable of building the country we long for; a country where security and justice prevail and whose economy will take the path to prosperity.
A propos of this he added, “I invite all of you, the rest of the business sector, and all workers to go on working with dedication and perseverance and to make an effort to enable Mexico to emerge, as it will, from this difficult economic moment, and construct the bases of a stronger, more competitive economy.
He noted that in order for public expenditure to be able to promote the economy and offset the economic downturn in Mexico, most government offices have begun spending as from the first week of January. He added that Federal Government’s public spending will be 50% higher during the first half of this year than during the same period last year.
He explained that the Agreement in Favor of Families’ Economies and Jobs will stimulate the economy, reduce expected inflation, which so affects workers, and ensure that credit remains available to the productive sector.
“And most importantly, we are brokering an agreement between workers, government and businessmen to preserve jobs. The priority must be to prevent workers’ families from suffering the consequences of this crisis by being laid off,” said President Calderón.