President Calderon Has Economic Plans For Countryside

Mexico City/October 23, 2008

President Felipe Calderón reported that given the international economic crisis and in order to promote competitiveness in the Mexican agricultural sector, Federal Government proposed to invest nearly $9 billion extra pesos in agricultural, as part of the Program to Promote Economic Growth and Employment.
During a working tour of the state of Chiapas, the President explained that this figure that will primarily be assigned to agricultural infrastructure and productive assets is in addition to the $214 billion pesos originally assigned to the countryside in the Federation’s 2009 Expenditure Budget.

“An extra $8.75 million pesos for the countryside which, I am sure, will not only prevent a negative impact on the Mexican countryside but lead to record production figures of maize, wheat, sugar cane and many other agricultural products in the Mexican countryside,” he added.
Addressed a gathering of 15,000 persons in the Municipality of Ocozocoautla de Espinosa, President Calderón Hinojosa handed out resources of over $50 million pesos to Chiapas women and peasants, with the aim of supporting 200 productive projects.

These are federal sources delivered through the Agrarian Reform Secretariat for the Women in the Agrarian Sector Program (PROMUSAG) and for the Fund to Support Productive Projects in Agrarian Nuclei (FAPPA) which promote agricultural, forestry, fishing, livestock, poultry and craft activities.
Accompanied by state governor Juan José Sabines Guerrero, the President explained that during this administration, these two programs have supported 8,400 different productive projects, benefitting nearly 85,0000 families in the country’s rural zones while in the state of Chiapas along, they have supported over 700 projects for the benefit of 8,300 families.
“You and I known that work is the only solution; productive work is the best way of getting ahead, and of enabling your families and communities to progress, as well as the country,” he explained.