President Calderón Stresses Need to Link Carbon Emission Reduction Goals to Economic Incentives

Calderon in AustraliaSunday, November 15, 2009 | Press Release

Singapore, Singapore

The Presidency reports that earlier this morning, Mexican President Felipe Calderón, together with Australian President Kevin Rudd hosted a breakfast for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEOs to discuss the phenomenon of climate change.

During the event, attended by the leaders of  the United States, Denmark, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua Nueva Guinea, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, the Mexican president warned of the high economic and social costs that might be faced in the short and medium term if the international community ignores the necessary coordinated actions to cope with this environmental problem.

He expressed his concern that since formal negotiations are advancing slowing, the first goal is to identify the type of commitments that can be achieved at the Copenhagen, Denmark Summit, in order to advance towards negotiations, which will permit viable, lasting solutions.

He expressed his conviction that if an agreement is reached on a global financing mechanism at the next meeting on Climate Change, it will be much easier to achieve clear, pragmatic actions.

President Felipe Calderón stressed the need to link the carbon emission reduction objectives to economic incentives in order to effectively achieve the goals of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

In this respect, he stressed that the Mexican initiative of creating a Green Fund,  based on the principle of shared but different responsibilities, is an effective proposal because it not only seeks to support carbon emission reduction actions but also to promote economic incentives to undertake them.

Lastly, he asked the leaders to work in an integrated, coordinated fashion to implement these agreements and ensure that the Summit ends with the success expected by countries worldwide.