President Launches Diconsa Mobile Unit Pilot Program

LiconsaZacatecas.- During the launching of the DICONSA Mobile Unit Pilot Program, President Felipe Calderón stressed Federal Government’s commitment to guaranteeing cheaper food for the country’s poorest families.

Accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala, the President declared that price stabilization means that there will be no shortage of food in Mexican households, particularly for families living in the countryside.

“Guaranteeing quality food at fair prices is a cause shared by all, above party affiliation and political situations,” explained the president, on tour of Zacatecas.

He said that 90 mobile units will supply basic products to 350,000 families in 1,450 localities throughout the country.

The President also thanked Congress for protecting social expenditure, particularly the funds assigned to DICONSA, at a difficult time such as the 2009 economic crisis.

“And we have strengthened DICONSA by investing in LICONSA, and organizing DICONSA not only to ensure that Mexicans with least will have access to products but also to prevent the action of speculators, who are precisely those that cause the greatest damage to those living with the greatest shortages,” he said.

During the event, which was also attended by state governor Amalia García Medina, President Calderón celebrated the 30 years of this Rural Supply Program, which directly benefits one out of every five Mexicans in the country.

“That is why we need to strengthen DICONSA, even in situations with greater price stability. And I can assure you that DICONSA has proudly fulfilled its commitment to Mexicans and to Mexico,” he added.

A propos of this, he reported that the price of Mi Masa maize flour will not be increased and remain at five pesos.

“And if we think that tortilla and the maize flour increasingly used to prepare it is the basis of Mexicans’ diet, I am sure that DICONSA is doing the country a great service by providing Mi Masa fortified flour,” he declared.