President Urges Society to Unite Beyond Differences

Mexico City. President Felipe Calderón urged Mexicans to be capable of understanding and uniting around Mexico.

During the presentation of the Activity Program for the Independence Bicentennial and the Revolution Centennial, the President called for 2010 to be a year of union for all and the start of a new page in national history. “I know, because I experience it everyday in my capacity as Mexican president, that in every governor, mayor and legislator, there is the will and the conviction to help Mexicans achieve a better future. We may think along different lines, but what links us and should link us even more now is precisely, Mexico’s higher interest,” he declared.

Accompanied by members of the cabinet, governors and the intellectual community, the President stressed the fact that differences cannot nor should not constitute a barrier to Mexicans’ enormous capacity for creating a better future. “Now, more than ever, particularly for us, governing means having sufficiently lofty ideals to be able to place Mexico and Mexicans above any interest,” he said.

The Mexican President said that 2,300 events will be staged to celebrate 200 years of being Mexican. These events will be organized by the various governments, the three branches of government, civil society, the media and private enterprise. He stressed that we must unite around these celebrations and urged society to rise above its legitimate discrepancies and differences.

“Without being over-confident and acknowledging the enormous amount that still remains to be done and recognizing our shortcomings and mistakes and understanding our grievances, let us lend meaning to the celebration of the Bicentennial by feeling proud to be Mexican because of all that we have managed to construct but above all, because of all that we will construct in the future,” he explained.