Realtors and Developers Introduce a new “Caja Magica”


Realtors and developers throughout Mexico are making a “Caja Magica” or “Magic Box” available on their websites enabling potential home buyers in Mexico to instantly see all available mortgage product, interest rate and monthly payment information. The Caja Magica enables potential home buyers to search for loans, compare lenders, find the right mortgage product and interest rate, and begin the application process with a few clicks of the mouse.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – July 13, 2009.

Searching for Mexico mortgages in the past has been a frustrating process with continually changing guidelines by lenders and trying to find the right type of mortgage product.  Also, finding an experienced mortgage broker to ensure a smooth closing and loan funding process has been a challenge due to the ever changing landscape!

Realtors and developers throughout Mexico have found a solution and are now integrating the Caja Magica, from Mexico Mortgage Finder, which combines the ease of searching for properties with a tool displaying real time property specific mortgage rates and monthly payment information.

The Caja Magica empowers those who are looking for mortgage products in Mexico, to  immediately search a database of all available mortgages offered in the marketplace…property and credit profile specific.  Once the perfect loan (purchase, cash out, construction) is found, immediate contact with the lender is made to begin the approval process. Or, if the consumer is still “house hunting”, they may save the loan details to his/her profile (on one or multiple properties)and return to the realtor/developer web site to retrieve the saved loan details at a later date as the home buying process nears closing.

There are over 50 realtors now using the Caja Magica…a few recent realtors joining in the June include Tropicasa, Timothy-Fuller & Associates, Cochran Realty, Neptune Realty, Calandria Realty in Puerto Vallarta as well as Realty Executive and Baja Properties in Los Cabos.

“Our technology enables realtors and developers to provide their customers with real time mortgage product and rate information and eliminate the confusion associated with mortgage options in Mexico.  We act as the realtor/developer silent partner providing an incredibly powerful informational tool to assist Mexico home buyers find the right mortgage, and a way for existing home owners in Mexico to explore refinance options on properties they bought with cash,” says Mark Horner, VP of Communications for the Company.

“We have always been on the cutting edge of technology and the program is a great addition to our website.  Clients want to be able to get information immediately at any hour of the day in the comfort of their own home – that is possible with this technology.  The added benefit is that also works TOGETHER with loan brokers, so clients can still have a loan broker working for them as well if they wish.  Loans are readily available in Mexico and this technology provides the opportunity for so many more buyers to purchase their dream home in Mexico”, says Wayne Franklin, President of Tropicasa Realty, a leader in Puerto Vallarta real estate.

“ConfiCasa Mortgage International joined the Mexico Mortgage Marketplace as we believe it is an ideal way to inform consumers that affordable mortgage programs exist for their Mexico real estate purchases. While Mexico mortgages are gaining in popularity, a key barrier has been the ability to inform potential borrowers of their availability and their affordability. The Mexico Mortgage Marketplace allows us to do just that, as well as arm potential borrowers with real time rates and terms that fit their chosen property”, says Matthew A. Miller, President and CEO of ConfiCasa Mortgage International.

Membership for home buyers, realtors and developers in the Mexico Mortgage Marketplace is fast, free and easy.  And it provides access to the entire database of Mexico Mortgage Marketplace which has over 450 mortgage options. For more information on the Mexico Mortgage Marketplace, to search for the perfect loan for your dream home purchase, ask you local realtor or to enroll for free…visit

For more information about the Mexico Mortgage Marketplace, please contact Mark Horner, VP of Communications at