Redesigning Mexico Routes

by Ron Mader

This ramble is inspired by the official Rutas de Mexico Website which frankly as of June 2010 leaves a lot to be desired. There are few ways to participate. No comments are allowed on the articles, there’s no forum or wiki. Inexplicably, the site announces press trips that have already occurred.

What would we like to see? I have a few ideas

It would be great if the official site could link to sites elsewhere on the web and if those in charge could develop the project from the ground up — asking locals and visitors what would be on their map of Mexico and then to create the corresponding materials, be they actual take-away maps or innovative mash-ups using Google Earth and the iphone!

If there is an opportunity to work with the Mexico tourism board or other tourism pros, I’d like to see a campaign directed toward the individual traveler who is the most likely candidate to go off the beaten route in search of the wonderful long tail of Mexico tourism! We’d like to participate in lively and helpful conversations, using Web 2.0 and face to face meetings.

Let’s reflect on how best to engage people seeking any of the following

  • authentic Mexican cuisine
  • interaction with Mexico’s indigenous population
  • understanding of Mexico’s fantastic biodiversity
  • understanding of Mexico’s colonial past, the independence movement and revolution

Let’s consider how to raise the capacity and web-savvyness of local artisans, mom and pop tour operators, restaurant owners and others catering to tourism. Let’s also get the government officials up to speed. Wish us luck and if you can help out, let us know!