Riviera Maya To Get Its Own Airport

By MP Mexico News Staff

Indulging travelers with over 75 miles of picturesque and clear Caribbean waters, Quintana Roo’s very own Riviera Maya will be receiving authorization to begin construction of a new airport to accommodate its ever-growing visitor base this year.

Hoping to accommodate the increase in visitors to Riviera Maya, Mexico’s Secretary of Communications and Transportation recently announced the possibility of having official authorization to initiate construction for this new airport in Tulum. Even with a new airport, visitors to Riviera Maya will still have the luxury of visiting other paradisiacal destinations such as Cancun and Cozumel by overland or ferry transportation.

Nestled just an hour and a half south of Cancun, Riviera Maya has been a paradise favorite for many travelers and has now grown enough to be admired and discovered by tourists from every part of the world. Here, tourists can relax at luxurious resorts, exclusive golf courses, spas, white sand beaches and natural habitats, and enjoy adventure tourism, taste authentic cuisine and much, much more- all while visiting an unforgettable paradise.

For further information on Riviera Maya please visit www.rivieramaya.com.

One thought on “Riviera Maya To Get Its Own Airport”

  1. This is indeed interesting news. But the devil is in the details.

    Such an airport, in theory, could make getting to and from these popular ruins a lot easier particularly for tourists willing to hop on regional airlines for a day at the ruins–several ruins; Coba is rather close to Tulum. It could also have the effect of making the fascinating archaeological sites near Chetumal a lot easier to reach.

    However, I note the inexact wording used in the release “the *possibility* of having official authorization to initiate construction for this new airport in Tulum.” In Mexico the distance between “possibility of having authorization” in this case even to start, and actual authorization plus ground breaking and finished project can be so long it never happens. Experience with many highly, and prematurely, hyped projects over the years has taught me to get excited only when the opening actually happens. On the other hand, with the Riviera Maya being one supremely popular place, and with a lot of regional politics involved, the airport could just as easily get fast-tracked to the finish line.

    Whichever way it goes, it would also be hopeful if the rivieramaya.com website mentioned this airport possibility. But there’s nary a palabra about it on the site as of today.
    Marita Adair

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