Rock On Juany Appleseed… Mexico Goes Green

By: Lisa Coleman

 Juany Appleseed…. has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? In the last several years, Mexico has spent a tremendous amount of time and money on promoting ecotourism. The government and tourism programs have made a significant effort to educate nationals and foreigners about the country’s natural resources. Nonetheless, Mexico City has always been a sore spot with more cars and air pollution than they can even begin to overcome… but, the good news is… they are making that effort.

On the “Treehugger” website, it was recently published that Mexico’s new president has taken aggressive steps to things going green not just in Mexico City, but country-wide. Part of his strategy of change is to reduce CO2 by 25 million tons. It’s an optimistic plan, but we’ll take it. According to, the idea is to plant 250 million trees by the end of 2007 to help develop wood-based biofuels in forest communities and restore agricultural lands.

In and around Mexico City, there will be three million trees planted in 25 communities over 49,000 acres. I for one think it’s a grand and great idea. Hopefully, the children of Mexico City and rural Mexico will one day see clear blue skies!

Hats off to you Senor Calderon for making this effort!

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