Rolling in D.F.

By David Simmonds 

On my several visits to Amsterdam I have always been struck by several things about the town that I really like. The first three that come to mind are: you can find a Heineken in every shop and bar in town that can be quaffed at room temperature, the people are stunningly attractive (at least the women…I don’t recall the dudes), and thousands of healthy people zip around the canal-lined streets on bicycles. This in a town not known for it’s sunny days or jovial personalities.

Mexico City’s mayor, Marcelo Ebrard, may have made the same observation as he has now proclaimed that he and some staffers would ride bikes to work, hoping to encourage other Chilangos to do the same. The hope is that the air will become cleaner and the streets less jammed with gas guzzling autos as others follow his lead. He had already banned cars from the city’s downtown avenues on Sundays, which by all accounts has been a great success, with the residents jamming around on rollerblades and bikes free from the fear of being run down by a distracted driver.  I like this idea a if they could just bring back the canals that Cortez found there over 500 years ago. For the complete story, check out this article from the San Diego UnionTribune: