Roots from the Past, Colors from the Present: Guelaguetza 2008

As the Zapotecs did thousands of years ago, today Oaxaca and its people are proud to continue the strong traditions and important beliefs of the Zapotecan culture: Guelaguetza 2008.

More than three thousands years ago, the Zapotecs offered a gift to their gods in exchange for rain needed for their harvest. Today, the people from Oaxaca are preparing the modern offer, the gift of perpetuation; the conservation of the roots and origins of a rich civilization through this meaningful festivity: Guelaguetza.

If you visit Oaxaca in July, you’ll be able to attend some of the Guelaguetza activities, although the main festivity takes place the last two Mondays of the month: the 21st and 28th of July. There are two presentations one at 10 a.m. and the other at 5:00 p.m. each Monday.

This is a celebration of color, folklore, arts; a festivity that gathers the eight regions of Oaxaca to share with the world their dances, traditions, handicrafts and customs.

The entire month of July has a calendar full of activities, ranging from parades, folkloric dances, masks exhibits to poetry from Oaxaca and conferences. This year, the Oaxaca Dance Company will be presenting a special show, “Sandunga”.

Among some other significant events of this years calendar will be the 2nd annual “Seven Moles Festival” where you can taste and receive an intensive course on the flavors and colors of this exquisite traditional Oaxacan dish.

Guelaguetza 2008 promises to be a colorful celebration that will represent the essence of a complex and authentic culture: Oaxaca.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster. There is a whole area (section A and B) designated for national and international attendees. The area C and D is a free entry section for all the people from Oaxaca that will want to participate in the festivity.

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