Slow Travel in Mexico

Slow Travel / Turismo Lento, originally uploaded by planeta.

by Ron Mader

Slow travel allows visitors to enjoy more than the adrenaline kick of speeding through a foreign landscape. To enrich your vacation, you need to meet the people which is the focal point of the growing local tourism movement.

Slow travel requires thoughtful preparation, learning about the places to be visited beforehand while allowing one’s self to be surprised once you arrive. There is the experience itself and staying in contact after this journey.

What are your thoughts about what constitutes slow travel in Mexico?

One thought on “Slow Travel in Mexico”

  1. Slow travel for me is a taxi ride anywhere in the traffic gridlock that is downtown Mexico City. Kidding aside, I’ve found that constantly working to improve my miserable Spanish is the best way to actually make contact with people. I often wish I could linger longer in places that I visit, but it isn’t always possible for financial and other reasons. Slow is definitely the best way to go though.

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