Sometimes Segregation Works…

By Lola

OK, I totally knew I’d get your attention with that headline. Here’s what I’m referring to: a few days ago, USA Today published a story on how Mexico City debuted a fleet of “ladies only” buses with pink signs identifying them. And it was all thanks to the ever pervasive, annoying, downright degrading and unfettered GROPING that went on in every single system of public transportation. It had gotten so bad that platforms and even cars at el Metro were being segregated during rush hour to prevent nasty roaming hands—to little or no avail.

Now women can find a place to sit without a hand on their butt or hold onto the “ay carajito” strap without someone ensuring their boobs are still in place.

I was personally butt pinched and otherwise unabashedly “tested” for tenderness on the Metro and a public bus a couple of times. I was in my teens once and in my twenties the other. The first time around I was embarrassed as all get out, the next time I let the guy have it with some well-placed Puerto Rican adjectives that shall remain nameless. But my GRANDMOTHER can tell you that she was a healthy 50 years old when some dirty old man tried to caress her backside. She said that at the time she had been holding up a package so it wouldn’t get crushed and as she turned around to confront him, he cowered down “perdón! perdón!” thinking she was going to bean him with it. She never finished the story so I think she did. She was—is—a very feisty woman.

I say HUZZAH! and may there be many more steps towards the protection of one of our grandest natural resources: women.