Spring Break Update Parte 2

By Lola

I guess I was a little behind on announcing the Mexico Tourism Board’s email newsletter yesterday, because Parte Dos (Part Two, for you über gringos out there) is already out.

The first one focused on Cancún. Parte Dos focuses on Acapulco—a personal favorite. Apparently there are some 22,500 students already there or on their way… Sounds like a party to me.

I’ll be headed to Aca myself for the yearly Tianguis convention in late April. Truth be told, I can’t wait. I’ve been going for over a decade and many things have changed (let’s see: no Pluma or Lente de Plata awards—let’s hear it for the Nick Gallo Award!—, serious scrimpage on the press invitations—I know there were a LOT of freeloaders in years past, but c’mon! MEXICO NEEDS MORE POSITIVE PRESS!—etc. etc.) but it’s still the place to be to get all the scoop on Mexico’s tourism. And I mean ALL the scoop. Ahem.

Anywayyyyy, without further ado, please click here to enjoy the latest Spring Break 2009 Update from the Mexico Tourism Board. (BTW, the Baby’O is till high on my hit list for dance clubs, even though it’s been around since the dawn of time.)


Photo Courtesy Mexico Tourism Board