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August 12 #MexMonday Travel Hangout

by Ron Mader

Planeta.com’s next #MexMonday Travel Hangout takes place Monday, August 12, from 4-5pm Mexico City time and will focus on Mexico. Planeta’s Mexico hangouts are unscripted conversation mostly in English and a smattering of Spanish and indigenous languages. Prepare to be adventurous and learn new words and phrases like yakxon and baax ka walik.

Questions are welcome before and during the livestreaming hangout. We pay special attention to the tweets on Twitter that have used the #MexMonday hashtag.

Our August conversation will be eclectic, reviewing on-the-ground and under-the-radar attractions in Mexico as well as Mexico on the Web, including social web channels Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Ranker, Slideshare, Twitter and YouTube. We will discuss current and upcoming events, recommended places, travel tips and tours, language classes and favorite foods including chocolatemole and mezcal.

You can RSVP and post your favorite Mexico resources online our Google+ event page:

Trivia Questions

Which Mexican park was recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List? Tip: the answer is on their Facebook page.
In November which Mexican city hosts a congress for World Heritage Cities?
Which Mexican churches are dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary?
Which Mexican baseball teams are in contention in the 2013 playoffs?

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Traveling in Mexico

What’s new?

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Slideshare Faves

Mexico Now
Mezcal Treasure Hunt
Indigenous Oaxaca

Wiki Wiki

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la betulia
df, aka mexico city


What’s your favorite professional club in Mexico?
What’s your favorite colonial city in Mexico?

#MexMonday Travel Hangout August 12

Wildlife Art

by Ron Mader

Mexico City – For visitors to Chapultepec Park, Museo Rufino Tamayo features the Lacandon Forest and Monarch Butterfly reserves in the Novelas de la Selva exhibit created by Henrik Hakansson which includes superb photos, night vision videos via Cuddeback cameras (also on display), a 4-hour soundscape and Google Earth maps. It’s always a treat to visit the Tamayo and this exhibit is a surreal entry to the museum. The exhibit is on display through September 21.

What’s missing? A few connections, starting with linking the installation with the outdoors. It was hard to visit this exhibit and step outside into one of the most impressive city parks in the world without asking if a similar natural art exhibit couldn’t be taken outside. Also on the wishlist – a more tech-friendly exhibit. For example, it would also be great to see some of these night vision movies and maps on the Web. Personally, I’d love to listen to the audio as a downloadable podcast.


Flickr Groups: World Museums (75 members), City Parks (29 members)

novelas de la selva