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Mexican Bazaar in West Sussex

West Sussex … soon to be world famous for this weekend’s bazaar featuring UK and Mexican artists, friends including Boris Spider, Demian Flores and Hilary Simon.

The Cultural Exchange between Mexico and the UK takes place October 23 from 4-7pm at West Dean College.

If you know details, please share in the comments!

– Ron Mader

On a sidenote, I’m curating list of the Twitterati with a UK-Mexico connection, starting with  @DemianFlores @NeilPyatt @stevebridger …

Cultural exchange between Mexico and the UK: 23 October, 4-7pm West Dean College Mexican Bazaar @DemianFlores @NeilPyatt @stevebridger


Free Poster!
Hilary y BorisHilary visiting Boris in Taller La Araña, 2008 

boris’ workshop

boris’ workshop, july 2009, originally uploaded by planeta.

by Ron Mader

Boris has been invited to participate in the Oxford, England event Art in Action

Based in Oaxaca City, Boris "Spider" shows kids of all ages how to make artistic creations. Among his specialties — altars for Day of the Dead and Viernes de Dolores, numerous depictions of the Virgin of Guadalupe and boxes with iconic photography and miniature plastic wrestlers.

Oaxaca Art
Spider Art
Easter in Mexico
Celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico