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Hey dude, where’s my market?

by Ron Mader

Oaxaca City – The Pochote Market has taken place the past five years on Fridays and Saturdays. The market closed its doors at the Arquitos on August 1, three months short of its sixth anniversary.

What’s next? Some of the members are heading off on their own, others to the atrium of Iglesia Xochimilco (photos) and others to heading to Rayon #411 and Xicoténcatl (photos).

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Party for a big tree

by Ron Mader

Mexico’s most famous tree, the ginormous Tule Tree (Arbol del Tule) grows near Oaxaca City. Rooted in the town of Santa María del Tule, the tree is the centerpiece of unique, living natural monument. Yesterday’s party was a colorful affair that was the liveliest in several years.

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