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Mexican Bazaar in West Sussex

West Sussex … soon to be world famous for this weekend’s bazaar featuring UK and Mexican artists, friends including Boris Spider, Demian Flores and Hilary Simon.

The Cultural Exchange between Mexico and the UK takes place October 23 from 4-7pm at West Dean College.

If you know details, please share in the comments!

– Ron Mader

On a sidenote, I’m curating list of the Twitterati with a UK-Mexico connection, starting with  @DemianFlores @NeilPyatt @stevebridger …

Cultural exchange between Mexico and the UK: 23 October, 4-7pm West Dean College Mexican Bazaar @DemianFlores @NeilPyatt @stevebridger


Free Poster!
Hilary y BorisHilary visiting Boris in Taller La Araña, 2008 

A Blessing and a Milestone

by Ron Mader

Oaxaca City – Please visit one of our favorite folk art stores in all of Mexico! Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011. This is a remarkable milestone for a small business. Stop on by and congratulate owner Nicodemus Bartolo Vásquez.

The store is a few blocks south of the zócalo at Mina #317 at the corner of J.P. Garcia. It is open 10am-8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-5pm Sundays.

Today (Sunday, January 16) there will be a special ceremony, nothing short of an official blessing that will take place at 4pm. If you can, stop on by. It will be a magical experience for all.

50th Anniversary

Día del Artesano

by Ron Mader

Happy Día del Artesano! The party is in full swing this weekend in Oaxaca City, one of the chief hubs of folk art in Mexico.

Whether you are seeking jewelry, woven rugs, shawls, ceramics or elaborate wooden figures, the famous alebrijes, you could be overwhelmed by the variety and quality of local crafts. Our suggestion – take your time, read a bit before you arrive and visit a few of the stores and artesanos. For tips, check out Planeta.com’s index of where to buy crafts.

This spring I have had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of artesano friends and we’ll be highlighting the 2010 Easter Market beginning next Friday. Keep an eye on Oaxaca Folk Art!

Dia del Artesano (Folk Artist Day!)

Oaxaca Hosts Rural Tourism Fair

Announcing the return of the world’s largest small event — the 2009 Rural Tourism Fair takes place January 19-30 in Oaxaca City and surrounding towns. The fair is hosted each year by Planeta.com and friends.

“This year’s event expands on what we’ve accomplished the past few years in Oaxaca, Mexico,” explained Planeta.com founder Ron Mader, who created the fair in 2001 as a way of conducting an inexpensive grassroots event to bring together locals and visitors. Among the advances — many of the local artisans and tour providers have their own websites and online photo galleries. The fair has also changed from a one-day market to a series of micro-events held over the last two weeks of January.

The fair encourages the integration of Web 2.0 tools including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube to document best practices in rural tourism. Those not in Oaxaca are encouraged to create their own rural tourism events and to share their stories online the Rural Tourism Photography Group.

Among the highlights — local food tastings, photography walks, indigenous language lessons and videonights where we show locally made videos and photo galleries. Join us for a walk with the weavers in the town of Teotitlán del Valle, dining adventures at the Caldo de Piedra Restaurant and a hand’s on visit to a community garden.

The event — now in its 9th year — is held in late January as a way to kick start the new year. The program will be updated before and during the fair online http://planeta.wikispaces.com/ruraltourism2009.

Video Night in Oaxaca de Juárez