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Valentine’s Day in Oaxaca

by Ron Mader

It’s Valentine’s Day! Here in Oaxaca for the past few weeks we’ve been working with Mixe (Ayuuk) friends as they’re preparing a special meal this afternoon. Today we’re going to fill our hearts and our stomachs!

14 de febrero (poster for oaxaca)

To get into the spirit, try pronouncing the Mixe (Ayuuk) expressions of love!:

To’k aa tö’k joot
De todo corazón te quiero
With all my heart I love you

Tsokï tö’k aa tö’k joot
Ama de todo corazón
Love with all one’s heart

Akijpxa ja tsojkïn ti yo’oyï
Ama a todos por igual
Love for all in an equal manner

Yï tsojkïn ka’a x’a’ix xpëjkïmpitït
Ama sin condición
Love without condition