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by Ron Mader

My good friend Marlene Ehrenberg took this photo ‘la esposa de Moctezuma y la Malinche’ while attending the town festival in Teotitlan del Valle.

For me this photo is a good example of responsible tourism photography. Marlene asked permission to take the photo and visited the family of the girl on the left. This was a slow visit to a rural town, respecting the rhythm and valuing the traditions of rural Mexico.

Indigenous Weavings and Photos

by Ron Mader

Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico – Photos and weavings from Teotitlán del Valle from the Lazo Mendoza family are on display in the month of July at the Comala Restaurant, Allende #109.

fotos y tejidos (photos and weavings)

The town of Teotitlán del Valle conserves its indigenous Zapotec heritage. The photos and weavings document daily life in this town.

The weavings are from the extended family: Sergio Lazo Mendoza, Veronica Lazo Mendoza, Luis Lazo Mendoza, Maricela Sanchez Lopez and Lauriano Garcia. The photos were taken by Veronica Lazo Mendoza.

The exhibition – Fotos y Tejidos – is one in a series of presentations of local Oaxacan crafts and photography hosted by Comala Restaurant. It was facilitated in part by Ron Mader, director of Planeta.com.


In September some of the family’s best work will be given as awards during the Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award presentation in Portland, Oregon.

Oaxaca Photosafari: Historic Trees of Llano Park

by Ron Mader

Locals and visitors are cordially invited to flickrmeet / photosafari Sunday, April 26 in Llano Park in Oaxaca City. Bring your camera and curiosity. This is a slow walk. Kids and folks in wheelchairs are welcome. We’ll share tree names and historic tidbits about Oaxaca with conversation in English and Spanish. There should also be some birdwatching options! Join us at 8am.

The walk serves as an introduction to the Flickr Group Árboles de Oaxaca (Oaxaca Trees). If you have pictures on Flickr, you can upload your favorite photos to the group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/arbolesdeoaxaca

Photo Safari: Parque Llano (Árboles de Oaxaca)

Wildlife Art

by Ron Mader

Mexico City – For visitors to Chapultepec Park, Museo Rufino Tamayo features the Lacandon Forest and Monarch Butterfly reserves in the Novelas de la Selva exhibit created by Henrik Hakansson which includes superb photos, night vision videos via Cuddeback cameras (also on display), a 4-hour soundscape and Google Earth maps. It’s always a treat to visit the Tamayo and this exhibit is a surreal entry to the museum. The exhibit is on display through September 21.

What’s missing? A few connections, starting with linking the installation with the outdoors. It was hard to visit this exhibit and step outside into one of the most impressive city parks in the world without asking if a similar natural art exhibit couldn’t be taken outside. Also on the wishlist – a more tech-friendly exhibit. For example, it would also be great to see some of these night vision movies and maps on the Web. Personally, I’d love to listen to the audio as a downloadable podcast.


Flickr Groups: World Museums (75 members), City Parks (29 members)

novelas de la selva