Teach English In Mexico

David Simmonds

Working in Mexico is not easy for foreigners. Unless you are sponsored by a company based in Mexico you are prohibited from being employed as long as a Mexican can do the same job. Of course, there are exceptions. You can always find gringos selling condo timeshares in Cabo, PV and Cancun, and others find ways to work under the radar, hoping they don’t get caught. If/when they do get caught they are often expelled from the country and may have a hard time gaining entry again for some time. Generally, if you own a business you can work that business, but may even be limited there in what duties you can perform.

Now that you know you probably can’t work in Mexico, I’m going to tell you that you can. This web site http://www.esljobs.com/mexico/tesltefl-in-mexico-2/ contains a constant stream of jobs teaching English in Mexico. I counted 20 job opportunities that have been posted in just the last 2 months. Some only pay $600 – 700 a month or so, including room and board, but a Mexico City job pays $1400 plus housing and a food allowance. Speaking Spanish is generally not required, and is seen as a negative in some cases.

This is a great way to spend a year. You won’t get wealthy, but you will be enriched. Guaranteed.