by Ron Mader

My good friend Marlene Ehrenberg took this photo ‘la esposa de Moctezuma y la Malinche’ while attending the town festival in Teotitlan del Valle.

For me this photo is a good example of responsible tourism photography. Marlene asked permission to take the photo and visited the family of the girl on the left. This was a slow visit to a rural town, respecting the rhythm and valuing the traditions of rural Mexico.

2 thoughts on “teotitlan”

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  2. Photographing people is tricky. A posed picture is not always the most natural or revealing representation of a person. However, I agree, it’s best to ask permission before taking a picture. Also, I find that if I can connect with the person in some way, this will make for a more satisfying result all around. For instance, if I want to photograph someone in a handicrafts market, I buy something from the vendor first or at least ask some questions about his/her wares. I’ve found that a good way of getting more natural-looking images is to photograph people while they are doing something — a potter making a pot, a weaver at her loom, etc. Most people are happy to show off their talents.

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