The Greenberg Good Book

MP News Staff

Peter Greenberg has written the most complete travel advice tome to date. His new paperback book, “The Complete Travel Detective Bible”, will answer travel questions that you have never asked or imagined. But if you want to know how things work in the real post 911 travel world apart from the kick-back-and-relax airline and resort ads, this will be $17.95 well spent.

As travel editor of NBC’s Today show, where he frequently reminds breakfast viewers that there are two kinds of luggage…carry-on and lost, Peter is always going somewhere. At 624 pages, the bible of travel covers everything from initially planning your trip to medical evacuation insurance, should you require it. With more tips than a porcupine, Greenberg has organized all of the material in an easy-to-find manner that will mitigate the risk and enhance the reward on all of your future travels, or at least until the world changes….again.

Published by Rodale and available at bookstores and online.