The Ultimate Party Retirement Home

By David Simmonds 

Think about the prediction in this quote from an article I was reading online today:

Tripp Dubois, vice president of sales for the U.S.-based KOR Group, estimates that about 50 million to 75 million baby boomers will retire to Mexico in the next 10 to 15 years. And Mexican developers are targeting this demographic with projects that have come to fruition in the last two years, says Lopez.

I don’t know if those numbers are real or not, but up to 75 million boomers with some spending money heading anywhere sounds big. It’s no longer a guarded secret that Mexico isa good option for many gringos who want to retire and still have enough money to have some ambulatory fun. Almost everything is cheaper south-of-the-border, from housing to medical care to your vice of choice. I knew that Mexico was becoming an easier to place to live many years ago when I first starting seeing Gatorade and Snickers bars in every tienda. The fact is, it’s just a great place to have a home. Click here to read more from the article