There’s Something About a Mexican Pencil

By: Lisa Coleman

I’m celebrating a few great things this evening, so I must preface this post with champagne…When I was a kid (hey, it’s not THAT long ago) the Guinness Book of World Records was a cool thing. I’m not sure if it is now, but it seems in my younger days we heard about it all the time. Breaking records and being “in the book” certainly made it into the headlines, but anymore, seems Guinness has gotten a bit overdone. Well, looks like a Mexican artist has drawn his way in – and it’s all about the pencil.


Mexican artist Filemon Trevino was recently presented with the Guinness certificate that named his quarter-mile pencil drawing the longest in the world. Ole! During the 6,000 hours and 800 pencils it took to complete the project, Filemon would often forget to sleep, eat or drink water. (Talk about suffering for your art!) Word is he became “obsessed” with the record and forgot to take care of himself along the way. He was in the hospital seven times during his quest. (Dehydration, heart problems, kidney issues, and fainting spells) Oh, and lost 35 pounds! Was it worth it?


Yep, the record is his. Yep, he has fulfilled a lifelong dream and is THE man with the pencil. Filemon drew a representation of the heart and circulatory system with symbols that included doves, geometric shapes and hundreds of yards of intertwined tubes. He began drawing in July of 2004 and completed the project in 2005, nonetheless, he was unable to apply for the world record until he had a sponsor ($600 USD) and a place to display his work.


The “drawing” was finally unveiled a couple of months ago at the Regiomontana University in Monterrey enabling Filemon to obtain his coveted prize. Viva el Lápiz!


To quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”