Those Great Mexican Cheeses

David Simmonds I don’t eat a lot of fast food…too much salt and too many wasted calories. But I do like cheese, and when I’m in Mexico I always go the market to pick up a wedge of anything that looks interesting. A slice of good queso with some ripe avocado and tomato, layered on a fresh bolillo chased by a cold beer…man, it beats a quarter-pounder by a kilometer. Anyway, Mexico makes some great cheeses. A reader of this page sent me this link to a story about a cheese festival competition held in Austin, where some Mexican cheese was on display. Check it out here

One thought on “Those Great Mexican Cheeses”

  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful!

    In Oaxaca, one of my favorite treats is the grilled queso fresco on the comal. Mind you, I can’t prepare this without the cheese coming apart, but the expert ladies with the comal can prepare this in a most delicious way.

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