Tianguis Turistico 2008

MP Mexico News Staff

Once every year Mexico sponsors and hosts Latin America’s largest travel trade show/conference in the beautiful port town of Acapulco. Tianguis Turistico brings buyers and suppliers together for four days of business appointments and parties, as well as distinguished speakers and an international press corp to cover the action. We at Mexico Premiere have attended the event every year for the past decade and will make it again this year from April 13 – 16, posting news back to you on a daily basis.

Held at Acapulco’s splendid Convention Center, many of the major hotels lining the bay will be filled with busy participants who will work hard and party harder. The invitation-only dinners and Hollywood-style soirees that are held at the finest resorts and multi-million dollar private villas help to make the event a spectacle that attendees savor and long-remember. Thousands of travel-business professionals from numerous countries are sure to sign deals that will determine their direction and success for the coming year.

Mexico’s Tourism Board deserves great thanks and recognition for hosting such an important and well-run affair. Click here for more information: http://www.tianguisturistico.com.mx/indexing.html