Tianguis Turistico 2008

MP Mexico News Staff

Once every year Mexico sponsors and hosts Latin America’s largest travel trade show/conference in the beautiful port town of Acapulco. Tianguis Turistico brings buyers and suppliers together for four days of business appointments and parties, as well as distinguished speakers and an international press corp to cover the action. We at Mexico Premiere have attended the event every year for the past decade and will make it again this year from April 13 – 16, posting news back to you on a daily basis.

Held at Acapulco’s splendid Convention Center, many of the major hotels lining the bay will be filled with busy participants who will work hard and party harder. The invitation-only dinners and Hollywood-style soirees that are held at the finest resorts and multi-million dollar private villas help to make the event a spectacle that attendees savor and long-remember. Thousands of travel-business professionals from numerous countries are sure to sign deals that will determine their direction and success for the coming year.

Mexico’s Tourism Board deserves great thanks and recognition for hosting such an important and well-run affair. Click here for more information: http://www.tianguisturistico.com.mx/indexing.html

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  1. Will there be prizes for best travel journalism at the event? Please let us know if there is an application for the Pluma de Plata and Lente de Plata awards.

  2. Apparently there IS an award from Mexican journos, though. SECTUR sent out a call for entries a couple of weeks ago. Things that make you go “hmmmmmmm…”

  3. Hey Ron – Here’s all I have for now – a piece of an e-mail forwarded from elsewhere… I’m trying to find out more and will post it here as soon as I can get it:

    • Se renueva este concurso period?stico con nuevo jurado calificador, categor?as de participaci?n y nuevo nombre.

    • La recepci?n de trabajos inicia este martes 12 de febrero y concluir? el pr?ximo viernes 14 de marzo del presente en las oficinas de la Direcci?n General de Comunicaci?n Social de la Secretar?a de Turismo.

    • Hay seis categor?as para el Mejor Trabajo Period?stico en Peri?dico, Revista, Radio y Televisi?n; tambi{n se premiar? la Mejor P?gina Web Tur?stica y el Mejor Reportaje Gr?fico.

    ? La premiaci?n tendr? lugar durante la 33? Edici?n del Tianguis Tur?stico a realizarse del 13 al 16 de abril del presente a?o en Acapulco, Guerrero.


    La Secretar?a de Turismo (SECTUR) y el Consejo de Promoci?n Tur?stica de M{xico, S.A. de C.V. (CPTM), convocan a periodistas y reporteros gr?ficos, a participar en el
    ?Certamen Nacional de Periodismo Tur?stico 2008?.
    Este certamen tiene la finalidad de reconocer el trabajo que realizan los medios de comunicaci?n nacionales, tanto en la difusi?n de la actividad tur?stica de M{xico, como en su labor por sensibilizar a la opini?n p?blica sobre la importancia de este sector para el desarrollo econ?mico y social de M{xico. En el presente a?o hay SEIS categor?as que buscan incrementar la competitividad del periodismo tur?stico, conforme a las siguientes:


  4. I received an e-mail today from the Mexico Tourism Board office in Vancouver confirming that this year’s Pluma and Lente de Plata awards have indeed been cancelled. No reason was given.

  5. I emailed MTB about the Lente de Plata award. Here is Christine’s chipper response:

    It has been cancelled this year.
    Have a great day!


  6. Any ideas why there’s no Certamen International de Periodismo Turístico? Whatup, SECTUR? I’m starting to feel a tad discriminated against. Especially since it seems they want to keep us corralled in the press room for the duration of the convention. URG, as a friend of mine would say…

  7. I have always had mixed feelings about the event. It was great to win the Lente award twice (!) for the Planeta.com website, a record that I guess will be unbroken with the cancellation of the award.

    That said, the event has always been less than effective in terms of getting relevant information to various stakeholders, be they media, travel agents or locals. My question is how will this year’s event measure up to other venues in terms of Web 2.0 access. Will there be a wiki, Youtube videos, Flickr, any opportunities for those of us not going to ask questions to those who might be able to provide some answers?

  8. I don’t think the SECTUR folks are all that hip to new media. They haven’t even been able to send out confirmation emails on attendance, do you really think they’d upload video? Doubtful.

    I tend to disagree with you, though, regarding the “relevant information” — I’ve usually been able to access the people I needed for my interviews and managed to glean good contacts in between displays of bikini-clad girls, shirtless boys and free Corona. LOL

  9. I’m curious to see if the European Plumas and Lentes are still happening. That would really be a slap in the face.
    Hey Ron, wish you were going to Tianguis. Haven’t seen you in many many years.

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