Today’s Special: Fresh Fish at Rocky Point

By Lola

Residents of the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona, dare boast they have a beach in their backyard and – to a point – they’re right. Puerto Peñasco (AKA Rocky Point) is a mere 7 hours from the 114-degree heat of the city. In someone’s world, that’s close enough to qualify as a backyard beach.

In any case, Rocky Point has grown from a kind of backwater border beach to a genuine resort town complete with time share condos and all the accompanying accoutrements of a tourist destination.

Leading the evolution is Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort, a 350-acre golf community located on the Sea of Cortez. Some of you might have already heard of the (relatively) new luxury shuttle service that Las Palomas offers from Phoenix to its front door—if not, it’s a great way to kick back and let someone else worry about the trooper behind the sage bush.

Check out their Fishing Getaway Package for two, starting at $145 per night per person (double) with a minimum stay of two nights. For your American dollars you’ll get a 1-bedroom luxury ocean view suite, one “Fun Fishing Charter” (note: I did not come up with the name) per person with rod, reel, bait and tackle included, plus breakfast at La Maria Bistro, their on-site restaurant. Speaking of restaurant, the charter company boat captain will have his mate clean, fillet and bag your fish—there are plenty of spots around town to buy those little foam iceboxes to pack it in for the trip home. The special is valid through November 30, 2007. Check out the resort and book your trip at or give them a call at 866-360-2324.