‘Treasure of the Haunted Hacienda’: The Palo Alto Bilingual Adventure Series Begins with the Mystery of the Haunted Hacienda

The first book in the bilingual Palo Alto adventure series by B. Palma, “Treasure of the Haunted Hacienda: El Tesoro de la Hacienda Embrujada” (published by AuthorHouse), tells the story of four young friends who unearth the secrets of Hacienda Palo Alto and reveal how its ancient tragedies still haunt the present.

Written in two languages, side-by-side, “Treasure of the Haunted Hacienda: El Tesoro de la Hacienda Embrujada” is an ideal tale for children in bilingual classrooms and children from adjacent cultures who wish to understand the differences between their backgrounds and to read about them in their desired language. Besides its format, this tale is also one that is sure to capture the imaginations of students and readers ages 10 to 16 with its intricate plot derived from real historical events.

B. Palma’s story begins when 11-year-old Juanita Reyes returns to the Mexican countryside to care for her sick grandmother. Juanita reunites with her childhood friend Pedro, her cousin Juan’s stepson. Along with Luis, a young neighbor, and Rafael, the son of the owner of the nearby Hacienda Palo Alto, they explore its ruins. Rafael laments the hacienda’s former grandeur before it was sacked and burned after the Mexican Revolution of 1910. The massive ruins of the great hacienda overshadow the outbuildings that have been Juanita’s family’s home for centuries. They are intrigued by tales of how the two families have been intertwined for generations and how the destruction of the hacienda struck both with equal pain and tragedy. Their curiosity about how their ancestors were killed defending the payroll gold, and the mystery of what actually happened that terrible night, leads the young friends to discover the secret that the old walls had held captive for almost a century. A newborn foal and a black Spanish stallion play important parts in the story.

Entertaining and educational, “Treasure of the Haunted Hacienda: El Tesoro de la Hacienda Embrujada” is full of adventure, bravery, imagination and rich cultural history that every young reader will appreciate.

B. Palma grew up in the Mexican countryside, as did her husband who lived on his grandfather’s 17 haciendas. Many of the tales in her books are based on true events and some actually happened to her and her husband. They still ride daily. Palma holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in education, specializing in the Montessori system of education, graduating Summa Cum Laude. She currently owns and directs two Montessori schools in Mexico City and has earned accolades for her work as an educator. Other books in the Palo Alto adventure series include “Lucifer,” “The Monarch Mystery,” “The Secret of the Tarascan Ruins” and “10 Horses and a Pony” (all published by AuthorHouse). For more information, please visit the Palo Alto adventure series website at http://www.paloalto-bilingual-adventures.com/.