Two-Wheeling in Mexico

By MP Mexico News Staff

Mexico, formerly known (OK, still known) for its carbon-flavored air, has actually been taking steps in a greener direction for quite a while, starting with the restricted circulation program that began years ago. Of course, the wealthy maneuvered around that one by buying several cars, thus always having one with the correct circulation sticker… But that’s fodder for a whole other post.

Last year the country joined forces with other countries touting the benefits of the bicycle as an alternative and very verde mode of transportation. This May, Guadalajara will host the Segundo Congreso Nacional de Ciclismo Urbano—the Second National Conference on Urban Cycling. This city has one of the highest number of urban cyclists in the country. Participants will discuss, analyze and promote the use of the bicycle as an alternative mode of transportation, as well as appropriations for pedestrian walways and city-wide circulation and the strategies needed to reach their goals.

The first Conference, established in 2008 by the Urban and Tourist Cycling Network, brought together twenty organizations from over ten cities to propose and advocate for legal and institutional reforms to include cycling as a priority in the national transport policy agenda. More information on the Mexico City initiative can be found here.

For more details, or to attend the conference, click here.

Congreso Nacional de Ciclismo Urbano