“United We Are Stronger than Any Challenge”

Mexico City, December 10, 2011.- Press Release from the  Calderón administration.

In recent years, Mexico has faced one of the greatest challenges in its history: the threat of organized crime to society. In order to solve the problem of public security, President Calderón’s government implemented the Security Strategy whose components include: combating criminals; strengthening law enforcement institutions and reconstructing the social fabric.

Guaranteeing citizens’ security and rights is a legal duty and an imperative for the Federal Government.
Since the Federal Government implemented the Security Strategy, the Army, the Navy and the Federal Police have risked their lives, with honor and bravery, to safeguard those of all citizens and to protect the most severely affected communities.

“Let us be a generation on a par with our history,” said the president, who stressed that protecting the freedoms and rights of all Mexicans is a fight that concerns everyone: the authorities, government and society.