Watching television in Mexico: NFL

by Ron Mader

Is there a way to take a ‘screenshot’ of Sky television?

Looking ahead to this weekend’s NFL games, we have Dallas vs Caardinals and even better than that spelling mistake we have Indianapolis vs. Houston and Baltimore vs. Indianapolis on Televisa and Azteca. I’m kind of hoping that Indianapolis is so good it can take on two other teams at once. This is on par with the game of games promoted years ago Minnesota vs. Vikings.

Mexican TV – cable and free – wants to like football estilo Americano. But what’s actually broadcast is just sad beyond the realm of Televisa’s star team of announcers starting with knowledgeable and always amiable Pepe Segara.

For NFL info, the safe bet is just to go to

And for those interested in American football in Mexico – yeah! – check out
ONEFA, profiled in English on Wikipedia.

Borrego vs Borrego matches are actually not a misprint.