Welcome to Mexico Premiere

A year ago I, along with Lisa Coleman, were geared up to launch a hard-copy, print magazine focused on Mexico. We had a very slick media kit completed and a premier issue in progress. We were ready to rock and roll…but something didn’t feel quite right. The 2006 Mexico presidential election and the Oaxaca unrest were bringing business to a standstill and no one knew with certainty what the climate would be in the near future in a country that is no stranger to revolution.

Faced with this reality we backed off for a while. In the meantime I was starting to see the future, albeit light-years later than anyone under 30. It was becoming clear that traditional media as the world has known since the invention of the printing press was in a revolution of its own. People my age with bad knees and good intents still read magazines and the daily newspaper, but monster winds are blowing against us. Traditional media is on a rapid decline…newspapers, magazines, movies, television, all losing readers. Meanwhile there are billion people online with another billion expected in the next decade. After a load of research and conversations with Lisa (the only person I know with more opinions than I.), we knew what we had to do. We both ordered a mental hard-drive replacement and jumped headfirst into the world of blog, following the advice at every step of our tech-partner, Doug Macy, who makes this page jump the way it does. We have formed a group of Mexico experts to be blog contributors, including Ron Mader, Greg Custer, Jeanine Kitchel and David Lida. Our mission is to become the place where anyone who wants Mexico information will check out frequently. Each blogger is free to editorialize, report and rant uncensored, and the readers are encouraged to post their comments.

So, that’s the short version of the genesis of Mexico Premiere. Please check us out from time to time and tell your friends about the site.

Dave Simmonds