Welcome to the Mayan Underground: Cancun’s Secret River by Alltournative

By MP Mexico News Staff

Only a few minutes away from Cancun, you can find what for a thousand years was considered one of the best kept secrets in the Mayan world: Rio Secreto, the Secret River.

Rio Secreto opens doors into a fantastic voyage, offering a magical journey that brings alive the mystical tales from the Mayan underworld. Today its secrets are uncovered thanks to an amazing tour through an underground river where you can admire crystal clear water hollows framed by beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. This live natural museum is unique in the world.

The adventure begins onboard a Unimog, an all land vehicle, which takes you on a 20 minute trip into the jungle to the Natural Reserve of Rio Secreto. Once there, you’ll be greeted by an expert guide who will provide you with special equipment to ensure safety and comfort so everybody enjoys this fantastic underground experience.

The trip through Rio Secreto lasts about an hour and a half. In some areas, you’ll walk, while in others you’ll swim. During the trip, you’ll be able to experience and admire the unbelievable offerings of Mother Nature. You’ll discover these wonders at the rhythm of an amazing concert performed by water drops in a silent, quiet and peaceful atmosphere; undoubtedly, a unique moment to share with friends and family.

At the end of the underground adventure you’ll be able to share impressions of your magical experience while enjoying a healthy lunch, or resting in the middle of the jungle lying in our traditional hammocks.

Rio Secreto is much more than a tour, its part of a fundamental and responsible development plan in a privileged natural area where a protection agreement has been signed. This agreement promotes the use of clean and environmentally-friendly technologies and a culture of respect and conservation for the region’s natural resources. Our commitment is to preserve the beauty of our state and pass it on to future generations in better conditions than it was given to us.

For all this and much more, Río Secreto is “a fantastic life experience.”

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